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Some things we have been told over the years:

"I love having you guys on my team!!!!" - Ariel Moore,  Ursus Ventures

"If I could wave a magic wand and gift any business a one year history of using The Accounting Office, they would never go back to what they have used in the past - no matter the cost. Any sane business person would realize this is a better value than what they are using now. PERIOD!" - Jay Towar - Owner, Epiphany Kitchens

"I have been in business for over 38 years....I have never had a company better than yours!!!!  Not just taxes and accounting!!!  Any services!!!  You are all relly the best!  I love you guys!" - Doug S., insurance agent

"It's a pleasure to deal with everyone at the The Accounting Office, I wish all our vendors were as good as the team there." - Gregg L. - stone restoration

"We have been extremely pleased with the level of service and information your office has provided us.  The staff there has provided us with better information than I have been provided with in over 20 years.  Thank you!" - Hope S., insurance agent

"I wanted to thank you for proactively taking a look at that (payroll withholding amount).  It was on my mind to ask you guys to review that but you beat me to it!" - Tom Z. - audio products

"You have a way of making 'work' enjoyable" - Bonnie S. - real estate investor

"My business changes every day - so do taxes and tax laws.  It's a process, not a one-hour meeting" - Terry A., insurance agent

"They are always there to answer questions and I am never 'on the clock'" - Sam M., - marketing company

"They have made my life as a business owner much simpler" - Dr. Timothy A., dentist office

"My books are squeaky clean and I am very confident we are taking advantage of all tax laws" - Bob R., insurance agent

"There are many aspects of running a business but my accounting responsibilities are tucked into bed" - Gerri P., construction company

"I wish my production meetings were as productive as the one's with my accountant" - Rick R., - tool and die company

"I can attribute at least $100,000 of value in the last couple of years by working with The Accounting Office" - Pete D., manufacturer rep

"Finally, accountants that ask me the questions!' - Lydia S., restaurant owner

"This is the first firm we've had that thinks and acts proactively rather than reactively" - Charles P., insurance agent

"My monthly financials are the thread that runs through my business. I used to be scared of numbers. Now I can't wait to get them" - Gary B., business services and consulting firm

"I am amazed at the irresponsibiliy of small business owners who meet with their accountant to review their taxes only once per year - and, only then, at tax time! - Ed King, Director of Small Business Services, Wayne State University

"As a small business owner,I thought my only choices were to pay high hourly fees or merely get my taxes done once per year" - Alan D., insurance agent

"The Accounting Office has saved us a bundle over the years. I'm still mad at our old CPA!" - Matt W., insurance agent

"I can finally focus on my products, my services, and my customers" - Theresa M., promotional products

"I no longer lose sleep at night due to wondering if I am getting the best tax outcomes or whether I am compliant with all the tax filings" - Henry R., electrical company

"Thank you, you guys are my angels" - Brenda H., clothing retailer

"You are amazing. It's like Christmas when I do financials with you!" - Don M. - owner of multple bike shops

"You have gone above and beyond what anyone could expect" - Brian L. - retail art shop owner

"I can't tell you how happy I am that you are so thorough. I am very, very, (he said it 5 times) happy I found you guys" James E. - Plumbing company

"I feel so organized for once.  I don't know how companies do it without you. All of your team is wonderful and helps me so much" - Lisa Z. - cleaning company

"I had an audit with the State of Michigan and they were very complimentary of your firm. She (the State) said she wanted us to know what a great job we are doing for us and that we are very lucky to have you as our accounting firm. It is one of the most organized audits she has ever done!" - Bob R. - tavern owner

"I'm happy to have an accounting office I can trust! - Tom B. - insurance agent

"Thank you so much for meeting with us yesterday. After each of our meetings I feel like I can breathe better" - Julia H. - Massage Studio

"Thank you so much for everything!  We really love working with you all.  Makes owning a business soooo... much easier" - Tina Z. - advertising firm

"Thanks for being my financial lifeline!!!!! I would be a hot mess without you guys." - Katie B. - President, Engineering firm