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The Accounting Office Inc. - Firm Profile

At The Accounting Office, Inc., your visit to our firm begins an ongoing process that allows us to create the best strategy for your needs. Accurate business records, transparent and organized data, and efficient tax are developed from our approach to careful planning and getting to know our clients and their goals.

To learn more about this process, contact our office today for your consultation. If you’re new to our firm, we encourage you to learn more about our team and services on our website. We look forward to getting to know you and finding the best solutions to your tax and accounting challenges. 

Starting Your Journey with our Northville Small Business Accounting Firm

We welcome new and returning clients alike to benefit from the expertise of our skilled tax professionals and accountants. As a first-time visitor, your initial consultation with our professionals focuses on documents we’ll either provide or need to obtain, how the process will work for you, and when you can expect important reports to be generated. 

This data collection portion of your accounting strategy is vital to building the framework for your financial goals and considering your tax planning strategy.  

Personalized Accounting Services with a Focus on Education

To complete the second step in the process, your first set of financial statements is provided. At this point, you will return to meet with our team, who will go through each page, line by line. This thoroughness helps clients understand exactly what they’re getting.  Our approach is educational; we want you to understand why this data is important and what the numbers are telling you.  

In the interest of making our clients savvy business people, we ensure they leave with a clear picture of what charts, graphs, and spreadsheets mean for their success and future viability.

Taking a Proactive Approach: Projections and Planning

In this last step, we determine what is necessary by end of the fiscal year. This wrap-up consultation allows us to review everything that’s been accomplished so far and plan for tax and accounting for the upcoming year. Our Northville accounting firm understands the importance of being proactive instead of reactive. We consider how much you expect your business to grow and how this can be accommodated in your financial strategy, as well as how your current tax plan will be affected.

Our team makes the appropriate updates and adjustments in projections and plans to change and grow alongside your company.

Get started on your customized tax and accounting plan with our tax accounting firm today! We looking forward to helping you accomplish your personal and business financial goals.