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Insurance Agents

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We help insurance agents succeed!

The Accounting Office serves hundreds of insurance agent clients across the country.

Since we know insurance well, we don’t need to waste time and resources getting up to speed. We can hit the ground running to get you set up with accounting and tax services, so you can focus on growing your agency.

It's simple -- every month, we make sure your accounting is up-to-date, and every year, we plan and prepare your tax returns. You receive helpful, easy-to-read financial reports that help you manage your business, and we help you take home more income by saving money on your taxes.

While so many of our competitors charge hourly, often $100-$400 per hour or more, we fix our fees with with one monthly rate, less than a one hour billing rate of our competitors. Even if they don't charge you during the year, you can bet they track the time spent during that year and incorporate the billing in your tax return. Best of all, we provide unlimited consultations with your accountant and tax preparer, for no additional charge.

Insurance Agents Love The Accounting Office!

"I have been in business for over 38 years. I have never had a company better than yours! Not just taxes and accounting, any services! You are all really the best! I love you guys!!"

- Doug S., Insurance Agency Owner

“I cannot express in words how much The Accounting Office and their team has helped me transform my business.   They know how to make you feel like the only person they work with.  if you are looking for a full service accounting firm, who genuinely looks to helping you as their client, look no further.  The Accounting Office is definitely the last accounting stop you'll need!

Daven P., Insurance Agency Owner

“I have had an outstanding experience with The Accounting Office since opening my business.  Their focus on small business, professionalism and knowledge base allow me to maximize how I run my business.  I would highly recommend working with this team!”

Brandon K., Insurance Agency Owner

“I have been with The Accounting Office for 9 years now and I would not be able to run my business without them. I suggest them to all insurance agent and small business owners. They have saved me way more money and stress than I pay them. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Jim D., Insurance Agency Owner

“If I could give them 10 stars, I would!  Everybody at this office is great!  They are extremely helpful and explain things in a way that even I can understand.  I never have to worry about my business or personal taxes getting messed up.  They give sound advice and are true professionals! I highly recommend seeing them for all your accounting needs.”

- Jared C., Insurance Agency Owner

“The whole team at The Accounting Office has been so helpful to our company.  They have experts on staff that are available to answer complicated accounting and tax questions, as well as keep the books organized.  We are so grateful we found such a reliable partner for our business.  Thank you!”

- David L., Insurance Agency Owner

"I’ve been with The Accounting Office since I opened up my Insurance Agency 4 years ago. I was new to owning a business and unsure of all of the things I needed to do from an accounting standpoint. ...They not only put my mind at ease, but helped me get my business set up properly. The Accounting Office makes my life easier by handling the behind the scenes monthly accounting, while allowing me to focus on high-value business activities. I have a personalized account manager who carefully monitors and services my account. I am very pleased with the entire team at The Accounting Office! I highly recommend their services to any new or seasoned business owner or individual!"

- Brian E., Insurance Agency Owner

We're here to answer any questions you have. Contact our experts at (248) 449-9600 or info@accountingofficeinc.com.