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Our Philosophy

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Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the four cornerstones of our business model: Tax Planning, Monthly Financial Statements, Time Savings, and Trust.

Tax Planning

Our firm strongly believes that businesses, no matter the size, should tax plan on a regular basis. The industry is currently set up to merely complete your tax return. Little, if any, effort is given to ensuring your tax liability is as low as possible. If your tax firm does review the return at or near the tax deadline, little can be done at that late date.

We are able to consistently tax plan for our clients each and every month as we perform monthly bookkeeping for our clients. Our clients receive tax projections at mid-year and near the end of the year. Imagine no more last minute accumulation of tax records, bank and credit card statements, receipts and more. And, NO MORE SURPRISES!

There is a line between tax avoidance and tax evasion. We know where the line resides. Our expertise and continuing education in the tax field allow us to provide our clients with the most optimal tax return possible.

If you are not getting the tax planning required to reduce your tax liability to the lowest level possible or are always waiting for your tax accountant to determine what your final tax situation will look like, you need to contact us.

Monthly Financial Statements

One requirement to running a successful business, regardless of size, is the ability to obtain and utilize accurate and timely financial statements. Our firm provides many meaningful metrics in your financial statements - beyond the traditional balance sheet and income statement - that are easily understood by our clients. Each month our clients know what their cash flow looks like, their breakeven point, financial ratios, and more. Furthermore, the information is presented with charts, graphs, and other methods to be easily understood by the client.

If you feel that you utilizing inaccurate financial statements or not given the information you need to run the business or, worse yet, no financial information, you need to contact us.

Time Savings

Business owners should spend more time doing what it is they went into business to do and less time in the 'back of the house'. Our firm can reduce these tasks to paying the bills, doing the invoicing, and making the deposits. We will handle the tax filings, monthly bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, financial statements, and more.

If you are stressed spending too much time performing tasks that do not contribute to your bottom line or, worse yet, ignoring these tasks, contact us to see if we can help.


Because we constantly communicate with our clients, a close personal relationship is formed. This is rarely possible with firms utilizing the tradition model of hourly billing where the meter is always running. With trust and communication comes confidence in our processes. Our clients know how we continually upgrade our skills and knowledge on tax changes and accounting procedures. They also appreciate our fixed monthly fee billing schedule knowing they are receiving considerable value each and every month.

We are our client's last accounting firm. If you cannot happily say the same is true for you, contact our office.